Selene Owners Site Use Policy
Some internet mailing lists and bulletin boards degenerate into useless squabbling and arguing that detracts from their original purpose and usefulness. Fortunately, even though we've had almost no formal policies, the Selene owner's forum has avoided these pitfalls thus far. However, as we grow and invite more people into our community, it makes sense to have some more formal agreement on how we'll conduct ourselves to ensure that our owner's site and forum continues to be a productive and welcoming place to share ideas and benefit from each other's experience.

By clicking the "I agree" checkbox on the registration and profile page, you agree to abide by the following policies:

  1. The following material is prohibited on the Selene Owner's Site and forum:
    • Any material that does not pertain to building, equipping, maintaining, operating and cruising aboard Selene trawlers.
    • Advertising or any form of commercial solicitation. Registered Selene Owners are permitted to post personal items for sale in the "For Sale" forum. No commercial advertising of any kind is allowed and items should be limited to cruising equipment and Selene boats.
    • Any material which libels, defames, abuses, or threatens others or is inflammatory.
    • Statements that are bigoted, hateful or racially offensive.
    • Messages that advocate illegal activity or discusses illegal activities with the intent to commit them.
    • Material that contains vulgar, obscene or indecent language or images.
    • Unauthorized copyrighted material.
  2. Harvesting of subscriber e-mail addresses or other contact information for any purpose is not permitted. This does not prohibit a subscriber from contacting other subscribers privately by email or other means for non-commercial purposes. It does mean that assembling a list of email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, or other contact information for any other purpose except private non-commercial individual communication is explicitly forbidden and is grounds for terminating a subscription and being banned from subscribing.
  3. Everyone who participates in the forum must register as a user and is required to provide their first and last name and a valid email address. Other contact information may be optionally provided. Anonymouse registrations and registering using false names are not permitted.
  4. Registered users may identify themselves as a Selene owner (including those who have a boat on order but who have not yet taken delivery of the boat). Ownership status will be verified by the administrator or a dealer using the hull number and other information provided. Once a subscriber is verified as an owner, they will have access to the owner's database as well as "owner's only" features of the web site, when and if they become available. Making fraudulent claims of ownership or attempting to circumvent the site security is grounds for being removed from the subscription list and banned from new subscription.
  5. The Selene Maps function of the site displays the approximate locations of Selene Trawlers on a map provided by GoogleMaps. The maps MUST NOT BE USED FOR NAVIGATION and the positions of the Selenes are based on information volunteered by owners and are only as accurate or current as the information provided by the owners. The locations are provided only for the purposes of facilitating social connections between owners and not for ANY navigation purpose. The function is available to verified owners only.
  6. The Tides function is based on software distributed under the GNU General Public License. The software relies on valid "harmonics data" that the developer of this software cannot guarantee. You should not use these tide predictions if anyone or anything could come to harm as a result of an incorrect tide prediction. NOAA and similar agencies in other countries can provide you with certified tide predictions if that is what you need. For more information, see

Posting Guidelines

When posting to any of the Selene Owner's forums, please observe the following guidelines:
  • Use an appropriate subject line in email. The Selene owner's forum allows reading and posting via a web-site "bulletin board" and/or via email. If you post via the web site, topics are automatically separated and you can respond to a specific topic. If you post via email, please be careful to use an appropriate subject line. If you are responding to a posting on the same topic, please just reply without changing the subject line. However, if you're starting a new subject or replying but changing the subject, please change the subject line in your email. That will keep the subjects appropriately separated in the archives and on the web site.
  • Snip your replies. When replying to another post, only include the bare minimum text of the last post (if any at all) to set the context of your reply. Every reply post requires some degree of snipping (i.e., trimming). We want to read what you want to say, not a second printing of the prior post. Besides, shorter replies take less time to post and download while aboard relying on slow and expensive access.
  • Be careful how you reply. The forums are setup so that your replies by default go back to the entire forum. However, if you're sending a reply that is really only relevant to an individual, please don't send it to the entire forum. If you are responding to an individual, please reply directly to that individal-not to the entire forum.
  • Please be polite. Nothing will destroy the community atmosphere of the forum faster than personal attacks or arguments. Even if you disagree with someone's ideas, you must be polite and respectful in your response.
  • Everyone is welcome. Keep in mind that our forum—by overwhelming support of the owners—is open to everyone. That includes members of the marine trade and owners of other manufacturer's boats. We welcome posts from any of these individuals as long as they are within our policies. If you have questions about whether your posting is appropriate, please contact the list administrator before you post.
  • Private e-mails in public posts. Do not post the contents of private e-mails you have received from others unless you have the permission of the original author.
  • Copyright protected material Any copyrighted work (e.g., a newspaper clipping or text from another web site) may not be posted without explicit permission of the copyright owner. The easiest way to deal with copyright material is to just provide a link to the original so other list readers can find it.

Site & Forum Administration

  • Administrators are volunteers.Please keep in mind that the administrators of this site and forum are volunteers. They are not paid to do this, so please be considerate of their time in any requests you make, or in complying with any requests the Administrator may make.
  • Banner advertising on the site. Advertisements in the footer of many pages on the site is supplied by Google's AdSense system. This advertising is the sole means of supportiing the operaton and maintenance of the site. The operators and administrators of the site are not responsible for the content of this adveristing. It is automatically selected by Google.
  • Self policing.The Selene Owner's site and forums are largely self-policing. The lists are not "moderated". Posted mesages are not reviewed by a moderator before they are published. Therefore, we all depend on each other to follow these policies. However, if a subscriber consistently violates site policy, the administrators may, at their discretion, terminate a subscription and ban new subscriptions from that individual.

Privacy Policy

  • Required Information All users are required to register for an account to access the site resources. Registration requires a valid first and last name, a user name, and at least one email address. All other contact information is strictly voluntary.
  • Information is never sold or distributed. Contact information you provide on the Selene Owners site is available for viewing by any registered Selene owner. Guest users (i.e. non-owners) do not have access to the contact information except for the primary email address. Your primary and secondary email addresses are also used to distribute postings via email if you subscribe to that service. Personal contact information is never sold or provided to third parties except as required by law. Personal contact information is not used for marketing purposes by Jet Tern Marine or the Selene dealers.
  • Deleting Your Account. Users are free to delete their account at any time by logging in and clicking the "Delete My Account" button on the profile page. If you have forgotten your password, click "Need Help with your Password?" to reset your password. When your account is deleted, all messages you have posted to the site are retained, but all your personal contact information is removed. Information about your boat is also removed when your acount is deleted, unless your boat is jointly owned by another registered user.

The administrators of the Selene Owner's forum wish to express our thanks to the owners and administrators of the Trawlers & Trawlering (T&T) forum for generously allowing us to use their policy document as a starting point for developing these policies.

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