A List of Selene Cruising Blogs

Boat NameOwner's NamesWeb Log Address
Mystic MoonJohn & Kathy Youngbloodhttp://www.mysticmoonvoyages.com/
Wild BlueAlex & Pat Bensonhttp://www.mvwildblue.blogspot.com
EscapadeKen Kozoil & Linda Barkerhttp://www.mvescapade.net
Salt HeartDean & Theresa Kleinhttps://www.facebook.com/SaltHeartAdventures
FurthurBrian Calverthttp://www.furthur.talkspot.com
MaerinSteve & Barb Sipehttp://maerin.net
True NorthGeorge & Sheila Saulhttp://www.mvtruenorth.com
Buena VistaDavid Brownhttp://www.myselene59.com
Z WorthyRon ZuckermanZ Worthy Summer 2012
Ginny CDave & Ginny Morthlandhttp://morthland.blogspot.com/
SpiritPatrick & Miriam Gillhttp://spiritgill.blogspot.com/
PairadiceJohn & Tracy Cerulhttp://mvpairadice.blogspot.com/
Sauvy BCarolyn & Robert Chancellorhttp://sauvyb.blogspot.com/
Big SmileScott & Cathy McDowellhttp://mvbigsmile.com/
KikaRichard & Gwen Sotohttps://mvkika.weebly.com/

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  Mayday Mayhem -- A Selene Rescue Operation  
  Three Wishes, Part 4: The Pleasure and the Pain  
  Selene Owners Visit the Monarch Butterflies in Mexico  
  Barging in Europe  
  Installing a Thermopure MSD on a Selene  
  Book Review: "Cruising the Big U" By Ade & Jo Salzer  
  Three Wishes, Part 5: Queen of the Fog...and other Stories  
  Three Wishes, Part 6: More Adventures for Nancy  
  Lithium Ion Batteries for Boats: Fact or Flame  
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  Jet Tern Marine Celebrates 15 years of Selene Trawlers  
  Fifteen Days at Jet Tern Marine  
  Bar Hopping -- Tips for making a safe bar crossing.  
  Jet Tern Marine Announces New Pacific Northwest Dealer  
  Stabilizing A Selene at Anchor  
  Two Selenes Transit the Panama Canal  
  Seven Selenes Cruise Baja  
  Solutions for Leaking Diamond Sea-Glaze Doors  
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